How Pennsylvania Gamed The Medical Marijuana Permitting Process – Part I

There’s Something Rotten in the City of Harrisburg

We need some number crunchers to look through the score cards, as they appear to be phony or altered. Here is a link to the scores in a spreadsheet:

Red Flag #1

Section 21 – Quality Control and Testing For Potential Contamination from the Grower/Processor Application, is a single yes or no checkbox:

QCThat’s literally the whole section. It is worth 50 points.

Just so that we are clear, the Department verified this point of confusion in their Question & Answer documents:


Given a question with only two possible answers, one would expect to see something like this as a result:


Instead, the scores for this category are somehow a range of 2 point decimal figures, and the highest scores show a strong correlation with the highest TOTAL scores, mostly the permit winners (sorted by High to Low by Quality Control Score):


Seem fishy? That’s why we need your help. Dig into that spreadsheet and expose this sham!






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