Winning Permit Applications For PA MMJ Growers Released [Transparency Overload]

For your convenience, here’s a summary of all 12 permit applications:


Love the fully redacted docs being released in the name of transparency! You can’t make this up.


Here are the applications that have been released:

GP-1005-17 (Prime Wellness, Berks County)

GP-1017-17 (Franklin Labs, Berks County)

GP-2018-17 (Pennsylvania Medical Solutions, Lackawanna County)

GP-2020-17 (Standard Farms, Luzerne County)

GP-3010-17 (Ilera Healthcare, Fulton County)

GP-3023-17 (AES Compassionate Care, Franklin County)

GP-4002-17 (Terrapin Investment Fund 1, Clinton County)

GP-4006-17 (GTI Pennsylvania, Montour County)

GP-5012-17 (AGRiMED Industries, Greene County)

GP-5016-17 (PurePenn, Allegheny County)

GP-6009-17 (Holistic Farms, Lawrence County)

GP-6012-17 (Cresco Yeltrah, Jefferson County)

More @Pennlive








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